Beyond philanthropy: an investment firm for Africa

Our vision is to change the way the world engages Africa—from a place of giving to one of investing. Renew Capital invests capital into African opportunity while building the ecosystems and infrastructure needed to make these investments possible.

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Investing at the intersection of Africa’s private sector growth

Renew Capital sits at the intersection of change. We’re leveraging global interest in impact investing, international development’s shift toward blended finance, and the rise of the African entrepreneur to accelerate the growth of Africa’s private sectors.


A critical gap in Africa’s capital markets

Africa’s small and medium enterprises are geared for growth, but stuck in the “missing middle” where there is little capital or management available.


We believe Africa’s private sector is the future

  • We believe economic growth solves many of the challenges people in developing countries face and should be where we focus.

  • We believe businesses are engines of development. Dollar-for-dollar, investing will create a greater sustainable impact than charity.

  • We believe many African businesses can be attractive investments. If investors have a clear path to invest in them, they will.

  • We believe it is time for the world to change its development strategy and begin investing in Africa.

  • We believe you should do well by doing good. Working together, investors and entrepreneurs will ignite change.

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An investment model to grow African businesses

Renew Capital is building the rungs of the capital ladder that Africa’s emerging economies need to compete in global markets.

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An impact investment firm committed to Africa's success

Renew Capital brings together top-notch professionals from a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise to work in some of the most challenging, yet opportunity-rich countries in the world.

Meet Our Team

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Renew Capital: 10 Years Invested

RENEW begins doing business as Renew Capital and the Impact Angel Network becomes Renew Capital Angels. Renew Capital celebrates 10 years in Ethiopia and announces plans for a rapid expansion across the region.

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