Market building for African entrepreneurs

Renew Capital Exchange™ hubs connect African entrepreneurs with management training and investment capital to accelerate their business growth. Log into Renew Capital’s learning platform or contact us for more information.

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Empowering entrepreneurs and executives

The Exchange aims to create a vibrant investment ecosystem that drives economic growth, regional trade, women's economic empowerment and climate-smart business.

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Impact investing across Africa

Renew Capital has a vision to become Africa’s largest investment firm with a presence in at least 27 African countries by 2025. Professional investment teams, who are on the ground in every country where we work, manage the Renew Capital Exchange and are responsible to source and diligence potential deals to bring before our impact investor network.

Management Training

Management training programs offered through the Renew Capital Exchange hubs are designed to empower African entrepreneurs and managers with critical skills to effectively grow their companies and prepare for international investment.

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  • Exec's Program

    For Entrepreneurs and Executives

  • CFO100

    For Finance Professionals

  • Women in Business

    For Women Executives

  • Investment Seminars

    For Entrepreneurs Interested in Investment

  • Edutainment

    For Youth Entrepreneurs and Local Angel Investors


Accelerating Africa's economic growth

We partner with governments and the development community to grow emerging markets and accelerate sustainable development.

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