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August Resource Blog

By Prasoon Raghuwanshi | Fri Aug 02 2019
Our August Resource Blog takes a peak at some of the topics we go over during the CFO100 Program. Take a few minutes and read through the articles below for a look into business forecasting, managing your cash flow and the strategic role of CFOs.
  • Outsmart Your Own Biases: When it comes to forecasting and making business decisions, we all face the challenge of biases that limit our vision and hamper our decision-making process. Most of us tend to be overconfident in our estimates. This article shares various strategies to build scenarios and use other tactics to avoid biases in decision making. (Harvard Business Review)
  • 10 Tips for Better Managing Cash Flow: Cash flow is important for all businesses, but it is critical for early startups. If you cannot manage your cash flow within the first year, you will likely not survive the second year. This article outlines 10 tips to manage your cash flow. (Quickbooks)
  • Building a better partnership between finance and strategy: The growing strategic role of CFOs may create tension with top strategists or CEOs in small and medium-sized businesses. That’s a missed opportunity for teaming up to improve company performance. Working together, CFOs and CSOs/CEOs have the stature to challenge biases and influence how the top team makes decisions to improve a company’s performance. (McKinsey & Company)
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