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Enabling Rockstars in East Africa! 

By Samrawit Geremew | Wed Feb 09 2022
Though 59 universities produce fresh graduates every year in Ethiopia, a lack of business etiquette and job skills is seen among many of those who aim to enter the workforce. Even if these graduates have the right academic scores, they often lack mentorships and apprenticeships to prepare for the corporate world. 
One of the focuses of the Government of Ethiopia with regards to its higher education system is to improve the quality and employability of university graduates. RENEW has designed an internship program, launched first in Ethiopia, with the goal of enabling and preparing fresh university graduates for success in their career paths. Our internship program targets fresh graduates from all regions in Ethiopia giving equal opportunity through a diversity conscious and gender smart selection process. Our aim is that interns at RENEW grow as people and professionally through proper guidance in the right career path. 
“I am proud of how far I have come. I have met talented, easy going, fun, genuine professionals and a great mentor who wants to help me grow at work as well as my life. I am so grateful for my beautiful and new experience here at RENEW.” – Abigael 

Led by a program coordinator, the internship program takes 6 months, shortlisting 10 excellent candidates from marketing, business and economics, legal, and project management studies every year from universities around Ethiopia. Selected interns are provided with onboarding training, business skill development training (communication, negotiation, presentation, work ethic, professional conduct, etc.). This is coupled with technical or project based “on the job training” according to their fields of study and interest, special mentorship sessions with experienced professionals, team outings and CSR activity participation and dynamic research project assignments for different divisions. Other benefits offered to them are appropriate stipends and medical insurances.
“When I saw RENEW's flyer for an internship, my gut feeling told me to apply. It has now been more than 4 months since I joined the program, and I have gotten amazing mentorship from senior members of the team and familiarized myself with the professional space.” – Hermela 
Interns also get a chance to take The Exec’s Program at The Exchange. They are periodically assessed based on KPIs like implementing disciplines, the progress they made in various areas, qualities of their deliverables and the initiative they show to manage up for the team. 
“For a new graduate, having a chance to get an internship at RENEW has a special meaning. I got the chance to have a practical outlook on the concepts I learned theoretically in my economics studies at the university. It also enabled me to understand more about my strengths and weaknesses that I should keep and improve for my future career.” - Solomon
As RENEW expands to other countries in Africa, we look forward to seeing our internship program enable and empower the youth to be competitive and confident candidates as well as create further job opportunities by collaborating with reputable local universities. 
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