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Renew Capital is dedicated to helping startups navigate the risks and challenges of geographic expansion in Africa. Through in-depth research, local partnerships, and risk mitigation strategies, Renew Capital empowers startups to expand into new markets with confidence and drive growth.

Entering New African Markets

By Andrew Larsen | Mon Jul 31 2023
A quick guide to Renew Capital's strategic market entry support for startups
Geographic expansion can be an exciting opportunity for startups and their investors to reach new markets, tap into additional customer bases, and drive growth. However, it also comes with inherent risks and challenges that need to be carefully addressed. This is mostly due to the data-deprived environment which characterizes most African markets. At Renew Capital, we are dedicated to helping startups navigate these risks and develop effective strategies for successful geographic expansion for our portfolio companies, driving growth for the companies and increasing potential positive returns for our investors.
Conducting In-Depth Research
Before expanding into a new geographic region, we conduct in-depth research to understand the target market's dynamics, customer preferences, competitive landscape, regulatory environment, and potential barriers to entry. Renew Capital’s team is on the ground in eight African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. 
Our ground game provides the research team with insights and knowledge straight from those markets. We conduct customer interviews, meet with regulators and governments, and research existing resources on topics relevant to our portfolio companies. This helps our portfolio companies make informed decisions and tailor their expansion plans to specific market conditions.
Developing Local Partnerships and Networks
Our team members on the ground help us to understand and develop local partnerships and networks. We recognize that entering a new market requires a deep understanding of the local culture, business practices, and customer behavior.
Mitigating Risks
Risk mitigation is another critical aspect of our approach. We work closely with our portfolio companies to identify and assess potential risks associated with geographic expansion, such as regulatory compliance, currency fluctuations, political stability, and operational challenges. By developing risk management strategies and contingency plans, we help startups mitigate these risks and ensure a smoother expansion process.
Empowering Startups
Ultimately, our goal is to empower startups to expand into new geographies with confidence. By providing them with comprehensive support, strategic guidance, and access to our network of resources, we enable them to navigate the risks associated with geographic expansion and seize the opportunities for growth.
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