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How Big is the Opportunity in Africa??

By Tim Shirk | Tue Oct 19 2010
While the world continues to circle around the question of sustainable development in Africa, moving from aid to investment, the question of scalability continues to pop up; "really how big is the opportunity in Africa?"
Kai Krause used a creative graphic representation, something that would go in the Visual Miscellaneum, to show that Africa has the whole (investment) world, in its hand.
The factors that allowed these "investing" countries to have their own industrial and agricultural revolutions are rapidly assimilating in Africa, fueled by an increasingly sophisticated working class.
Any one of these countries has enjoyed success as a world power, economic leader, or established emergent economy throughout time....and ALL of them fit in this ONE continent?
Of course there are countervailing factors, but the data speaks for itself -- Africa is huge. So while each of these countries has had centuries to maximize the land they were given, Africa has just begun...
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