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June Resource Blog

By Prasoon Raghuwanshi | Tue Jun 04 2019
Our June Resource Blog has a wide range of topics. Take a few minutes and read through the articles below for a look into lessons learned at a VC startup and managing a startup board, as well as an analysis of 10 seasons of Shark Tank.
  • What I learned as a VC filling in as a startup CEO for 4 months: An investor spent four months as a CEO of a company when the company's CEO left and there was no succession plan for a replacement. The experience shows key takeaways of running a company from the vantage point of an investor. (Venture Beat)
  • Managing Your Startup Board — A Short Presentation: Usually, CEOs view the board as an administrative function instead of a value addition opportunity. This article discusses how a CEO should be managing its board, rather than letting the board micro-manage the operations, and why it is important to keep the board meetings at "board level". (Both Sides of the Table)
  • Shark Tank deep dive: A data analysis of all 10 seasons: This article covers the deal data from Shark Tank, the reality show where entrepreneurs pitch ideas to a panel of celebrity investors. Shark Tankjust wrapped up its 10th season, which means 222 episodes, 895 pitches, 499 deals, $143.8m worth of invested capital, and nearly $1B in company valuations. (The Hustle)