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Members of RENEW’s Impact Angel Network Visit Ethiopia

By Emily Ziethen | Tue Feb 23 2016
2016 is off to an exciting start! Last week, RENEW hosted an Econ-Tourism Trip for members of the Impact Angel Network from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. The group met with many Ethiopian entrepreneurs, from both RENEW’s portfolio and investment pipeline, and visited a number of businesses in and around Addis Ababa.
The investors were introduced to a total of twelve companies, spanning across multiple sectors – from chemical and food manufacturing to coffee and pulses - eight of which are being considered for upcoming investments. The remaining four companies are current portfolio investments of the IAN, including Desta PLC, METAD Agricultural Development PLC, Mama Fresh Injera PLC, and a food and beverage company. One of the many highlights of the visits was the soft launch of Mama Fresh’s visitors center, where members of the IAN were able to experience the entire production line of injera (from grain to flour to dough to baking), and sample some of Mama’s home-made Ethiopian dishes.
Throughout the trip, the group experienced Ethiopia’s historic culture and delicious cuisine. During the first day, several members of the group explored the famous Piazza district of Addis Ababa, visiting places such as Tomaco Coffee and the Itegue Taitu Hotel (the oldest hotel in the city). The following day, the entire group went on a sightseeing tour of Addis Ababa, took a look back in history with a stop at the National Museum of Ethiopia, home of the infamous Lucy skeleton, and went on a food tour with local foodies Xavier Curtis and Eliza Richman of Addis Eats. The group also visited Mercato, the largest open-air market in Africa, enjoyed a happy hour at the RENEW office with development partners and members of the business community, and spent a day exploring Lalibela’s famous 11 monolithic rock-hewn churches.
RENEW is in the midst of planning the next Econ-Tourism Trip, which is slated to take place this summer with a focus on a multi-generational experience. Contact us to learn more about scheduling your own Econ-Tourism Trip!
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