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Ready for an Adventure?

By Emily Ziethen | Sat Nov 14 2015
RENEW strives to provide members of the Impact Angel Network (IAN) with an unforgettable investment experience. One such element of the investor experience is the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia and participate on an Econ-Tourism trip. What is an Econ-Tourism trip? Each trip is unique, but the following information provides a general overview of the adventure.
RENEW encourages all members of the IAN to travel to Ethiopia and participate on an Econ-Tourism trip, during which they meet with entrepreneurs, tour their facilities, see the current state of the businesses first-hand, and help choose the next set of investment opportunities for the IAN.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
RENEW hosts trips for members several times throughout the year.
Econ-Tourism trip participants usually arrive on a Sunday to rest, relax, and sightsee around Addis. The team will plan several meetings with various prospective businesses from Monday to Wednesday, and many participants will leave on Thursday for a cultural trip around Ethiopia. Participants also enjoy one-on-one meetings with the entrepreneurs of RENEW's portfolio companies to learn more about their experiences building successful businesses in Ethiopia.
Econ-Tourism trip participants are usually surprised to see so much development, growth and opportunity in Ethiopia. They notice signs of a rising middle class and are encouraged by the people they meet who want to work and build their country into an economic powerhouse. Our investors see first-hand the desires of Ethiopians to work and partner with U.S. investors, and the wide range of sectors in which to invest, from manual labor to technology.
As Econ-Tourism trip participants speak with Ethiopian entrepreneurs, they often comment about the positive attitudes and drive of the management teams they meet, the signs pointing to growth in the agriculture, healthcare, energy, and technology sectors, and the work of the companies to improve the lives of employees.
The RENEW team prepares members for the trip by suggesting flight and hotel options, planing side trips to exciting destinations around Ethiopia, advising on cultural and business customs, and creating an agenda filled with meeting entrepreneurs, seeing business opportunities and getting to know the unique culture of Ethiopia.
Trip participants can also take side trips to beautiful and historic spots around Ethiopia, such as the monolithic rock-cut churches of Lalibela, the lake district of Awassa in the Great Rift Valley, or Debre Zeit, a resort town known for its crater lakes. Our in-country team takes care of all of the logistics and planning for these side trips.
The RENEW team will be hosting an Econ-Tourism trip from February 18 to 24, 2017. If you have any questions regarding the IAN, Econ-Tourism trips in general, or about the upcoming trip in February, please feel free to reach out.

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