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Renew Capital Launches እሷ! (Isua) Network for Women

By Mariah Grubb | Fri Apr 28 2023
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia
Renew Capital has launched the እሷ! (Isua “Her”) Network, a peer-to-peer networking, coaching and training platform for women-owned and -led micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Ethiopia. A launch event for the network, held in Addis Ababa in March, brought together Ethiopian women business owners and executives, alongside resource providers and Canadian and American government officials.
Canadian Ambassador Stéphane Jobin provided opening remarks, highlighting the Government of Canada’s commitment to building more gender-responsive economies around the world and their excitement to be supporting this initiative. 
Nkemdilim Uwaje Bejo, CEO of Futuresoft Nigeria, also shared some of the specific challenges that women in business face across the continent and seven inspiring lessons for women entrepreneurs. Menna Selamu, Ethiopian entrepreneur and co-founder of Flipper International School, also shared insight into her business journey. 

እሷ! (Isua) is the Amharic word for ‘her’ and the እሷ! Network is a membership-based network that brings together women business owners and executives from various industries in Ethiopia. Although women's entrepreneurship in Ethiopia is on the rise, female executives continue to face societal impediments that challenge their business growth. With peer support, training and partnership facilitation, the እሷ! Network aims to improve the private sector ecosystem for women business owners and executives. 
The suite of offerings from the network will support women entrepreneurs in driving their business growth. It aims to build market leaders in their respective industries and strengthen women-to-women business partnerships. Members can access an exclusive directory of fellow business leaders to support these endeavors. The Government of Canada is supporting this initiative as part of its gender-smart development priorities. Implemented by Renew Capital, the እሷ! Network is part of a larger objective to build a gender-responsive economic ecosystem for women in Ethiopia. Ultimately, it will contribute to a growing pipeline of investment-ready, woman-owned enterprises. 

Are you a woman business owner in Ethiopia? Apply to be a member of this prestigious network to start making connections to support your business’ growth.
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