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RENEW to Help Launch Season 2 of Chigign ‘Tobiya

By Laura Davis | Sun Dec 02 2018
Season 1 of Chigign ‘Tobiya was a success culminating in the show’s angel investors choosing three companies to invest in, pending they pass due diligence. On September 11, 2018, just after the Ethiopian New Year’s Day, in a premium slot on national television, the show broadcasted the final episode of Season 1 during which the following three entrepreneurs were chosen by the panel of local angel investors for investment:
  • Rohobot - A provider of home care nursing and training
  • YenePay - A mobile payment platform
  • BAMA Coffee - A mobile coffee-to-go business
The transactions are in process, pending due diligence, and in the meantime, RENEW is helping to launch Season 2 of the TV series which will appear on Fana TV, Fridays at 8:30 PM. Girmay Haile Gebreselassie, the visionary behind the show, will return to produce Season 2. He has written and directed two movies, three plays and has a solid career in IT.
Chigign is a reality TV show dedicated to elevating entrepreneurship and angel investing, with a special focus this season on female entrepreneurship. The show aims to encourage and educate youth and society at large about the importance of innovation, entrepreneurship, private equity, angel investing and the private sector in general in Ethiopia. RENEW is proud to be a sponsor, to be represented on the panel by our own Laura Davis, and also to invest in winning entrepreneurs who pass our due diligence process.
Visit YouTube to view a short program clip or HERE to see the advertisement.
Show Name
- Chigign 'Tobiya (Roughly translated to “Ethiopia Emerges”)
The Concept
- Chigign 'Tobiya is a platform for entrepreneurs to gain access to potential capital, contracts and coaching. Entrepreneurs appear and pitch in a venue that combines the American TV programs “Shark Tank” and “American Idol”. Entrepreneurs who move on through the competition receive coaching from the Chigign team and, in some cases, the judges with a focus on enhancing the entrepreneurs’ business concepts. The top contestants who make it to the final round will be considered for an investment from the panel's fund.
Get Involved:
Pitch Your Company or Idea
- The Chigign 'Tobiya team will choose more than 30 entrepreneurs each season and have them pitch their company or idea for a chance to appear on the show.
Be an Investor
- Be a permanent or rotating investor on Chigign 'Tobiya. Hear pitches, mentor entrepreneurs and vote with the panel to allocate the fund to finalist entrepreneurs. Not interested in appearing on the show? There are still options to be involved. Reach out via email to learn more (contact information is below).
Be a Sponsor
- The Chigign 'Tobiya team is looking for sponsors interested in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among Ethiopian youth and the society at large. We offer sponsors options to be featured in Chigign Tobiya events and programming, among a variety of benefits. Contact us to learn more (contact information is below).
Ecosystem Partner
- Do you work with Ethiopian entrepreneurs? We'd love to add value to your program by having your entrepreneurs pitch on Chigign 'Tobiya.
- Interested in being involved? Email us at or visit for more information.
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