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Sustainatopia Impact Conference 2014

By Laura Davis | Thu Apr 24 2014
Leaders in impact investing convened in Miami for Sustainatopia's Impact Conference 2014. RENEW partner, Tom Scriven, joined leaders of global banks, impact investing firms, NGOs and governmental and international agency officials for a three-day conversation about trends and challenges in the fast-growing impact investing industry. They gathered Wednesday night for a fashion show and Sustainability Awards ceremony attended by local advocates for sustainability and impact investing working in fashion (Amber Arbucci, photographer and former Victoria's Secret model, other fashion models and designers), local government officials (Philip Levine, Miami Beach mayor), architecture (Chad Oppenheim) and international finance (JP Capello), among others advancing sustainable development.
Keynote speaker Bina Venkataraman (Senior Advisor to the President of the United States on Climate Change Innovation) opened the conference speaking on President Obama's initiatives to use big data to evaluate and promote sustainable development solutions.
Tom joined leaders of other firms catalyzing impact investments in speaking on their work with early stage and other companies underserved by the capital markets. Tom and fellow panelists spoke on the importance of intermediaries' work in readying SMEs in emerging markets for foreign investment and in catalyzing that investment into frontier markets, such as East Africa, rural communities in the United States and Southeast Asia.
A recurring theme of this discussion and others at the conference, including one led by Cornerstone Capital founder and former head of research at UBS, Erika Karp, was that demand for impact investments continues to grow, particularly as intergenerational transfers of wealth occur from baby boomers to their millennial children. The impact investing community needs to respond to this demand by offering a range of investment products across asset classes for both accredited and retail investors.
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