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The Next Big Thing in Gluten-Free Foods

By Emily Ziethen | Fri May 15 2015

The world is catching on: CNN recently highlighted Mama Fresh, one of RENEW’s portfolio companies, during it’s weekly show Inside Africa. According to CNN, this show “highlights the true diversity of the continent as seen through the prism of different cultures and religions and the mediums of art, music, travel and literature.”* It comes as no surprise then that Inside Africa, and its host, Soni Methu, highlighted Ethiopia’s rich and flavorful cuisine, with one of the focal points of the episode being teff - an ancient, nutrient-rich and gluten-free grain native to Ethiopia.
Teff can be eaten in a variety of ways, including being used as the main ingredient in an Ethiopian staple bread product, injera. To make injera, teff grain is first ground into flour, then combined with water, allowed to ferment over several days, and finally baked into a spongy, unique and sourdough-like flatbread that is enjoyed with other meats and spices at every meal.
Mama Fresh is the country’s largest commercial manufacturer and exporter of fresh-baked injera. Hailu Tessema, the founder and owner of Mama Fresh, is profiled in the episode (click on the photo below and jump to one minute, four seconds to see the segment on Mama Fresh) explaining the process of making injera at a commercial level, and the unique spin that Mama Fresh has given this classic Ethiopian food.
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