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Using Your DAF for Impact Investing

By Erin O'connor | Wed Jun 03 2020
Interested in optimizing your impact investing and philanthropy? No matter where you are looking to make an impact, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) can be useful. During our recent monthly Impact Angel Network Member's Call, we had a special guest from ImpactAssets, Sally Boulter, to discuss how US investors can use a DAF to make impact investments. We thought you might enjoy listening to that part of the call. You can find the recording here:
During the call, we discussed how it is helpful to think of a DAF as a philanthropic checkbook. A donor transfers assets (e.g., cash, securities, other rights or assets) into a DAF account with a non-profit organization (like divisions of Charles Schwab and Fidelity, ImpactAssets and the National Christian Foundation) that is set up to manage DAFs and facilitate transfers into and out of DAFs in line with IRS rules. Donors then receive a charitable deduction in the amount of the value of the assets transferred to the DAF. The funds sit in the account until the donor is ready to make grants to charitable entities or to make impact investments. You can also download a Q&A. LINK.
At RENEW, we are both investors and advocates for impact investing, especially now. Every investment, no matter how small, will have a significant impact. We applaud those that are rising to the call and investing during these challenging times, when capital is scarce but the need is high. If and when you are interested, we invite you to apply to join the Impact Angel Network.
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