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Why Deliver Addis is Becoming the Go-To Ordering System in Addis

By Sandy Hung, CFA | Wed Jul 25 2018
Over the last month, Deliver Addis has been rolling out a number of new features for their customers. Even though I’m on the front line, and know when things are launching, I keep getting pleasantly surprised by these new features and the quality of service the company is providing.
One thing I’ve noticed is that Deliver Addis is always striving to make improvements to its customer experience. A number of their new features have been big wins that definitely set them apart from competitors. A few of their new features include:
  • Real-time Dispatch and Delivery Time Tracking
    – If your delivery is running late, a Deliver Addis representative gives you a call with an update.
  • Credit Card Payments
    – This just adds another level of convenience. Being one of those people who doesn’t always have change (especially when ATM outages are common in Addis), being able to pay online with my credit card is a life saver when I’m hungry! They’re of course using state of the art technology to secure all credit card information.
  • Rewards Points
    – Maybe my new favorite addition! Every time you order, you get points on your account that count towards a free meal. It’s a little token of appreciation for my on-going loyalty. I haven’t actually cashed mine in yet, but I am definitely looking forward to a free delivery sometime soon!
One thing I love about Deliver Addis is the service is reliable, whether I need catering delivered to a meeting or if I need an extra cake for a friend's gathering. I am always pressed for time with the demands of my job and the service allows me a few extra minutes and convenience. Their service also allows me to spend an extra hour or two with the people I care about, rather than being stuck in traffic trying to pick up some food.
I’m still on the hunt for my favorite restaurant on the Deliver Addis map. I haven’t been able to commit to one just yet since there is always something new to try. As someone who loves different foods, this has opened up so many different options to me, all from the comfort of my desk (or couch).
I know my opinion might be slightly biased, but, as the Senior Portfolio Manager at RENEW, I am probably also one of their biggest critics (in a constructive way). In a rapidly growing city like Addis where new challenges come about every day, reliability is no easy task. Hats off to the Deliver Addis team!
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