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CFO100 Program Recruiting Elite Finance Executives

By Raisa Chowdhury | Fri Jan 20 2023
Learn more about the CFO100 Program and secure your spot in the upcoming training
The CFO100 Program, our signature training series for finance professionals, is back and ready to accept applications! The program content has been updated and we are excited to welcome talented professionals who are ready to level up as leaders in business finance. Training sessions will be held every Monday beginning February 6 and run through April 10
 The CFO100 Program is a 10-week, in-depth finance, accounting and cash flow management training program that builds a strong foundation in real-world business management skills. By the end of the program, participants will not only be able to prepare and analyze financial reports but also transform that information into tools for critical decision-making. 

“[A] key takeaway from today’s session is [financial] analysis is the secret weapon to really understand how a company is performing” - former CFO100 participant
“I [now] understand that I need to go beyond the accounting part of the CFO work. I should go for analysis and other roles of the profession.”  - former CFO100 participant
CEOs around the world need finance professionals they can trust to help them understand and manage their company’s financials. They need professionals who understand the business; demand quality and timeliness of their team; identify risks weeks before they become problems; make course corrections to avoid cash shortages; and build budgets and set up systems to control the company’s most critical asset – cash.
The goal of the CFO100 Program is to help build an elite class of finance executives and managers across East Africa. It was originally developed under the Accelerating Business Growth program, supported by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), to increase the credibility, quantity and quality of CFOs and finance managers in Ethiopia. The program is now being expanded regionally with GAC’s support.
The program will consider candidates from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, but all applicants must have the desire to build upon their finance, accounting and cash flow management skills and knowledge. In completing the CFO100 program, participants will be better positioned to demonstrate to current and future employers a mastery of a broad range of practical and critical financial accounting and cash flow management skills.
The CFO100 curriculum covers concepts and skills that are useful at all stages of a finance career, including presentation skills. The workload is designed to be manageable as participants continue in their current roles. 
The program is entirely funded by the Government of Canada – there are no costs for participating.
Apply Now - Please apply and share with your networks.
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