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By Prasoon Raghuwanshi | Sun Sep 30 2018
This blog post focuses on stories covering two iconic brands (Domino’s Pizza and Lao Gan Ma) and how they started their businesses and what decisions they made over the years to help them reach their current scale and visibility. The last article provides tools to make better decisions to improve long-term consequences of your company.
How Domino’s Pizza Drove a 90x Increase in Stock Value by Acting Like a Tech Startup: “Startups can learn some of the most valuable lessons on product and marketing from the growth of the world’s biggest pizza chain. The story of Domino’s Pizza is a hero’s journey. It’s a story of reinvention. Domino’s had a 180-degree company overhaul and turned critics into superfans by being honest with themselves about their weaknesses. They took a huge, scary risk and completely scrapped and remade their core product: pizza”. (Product Habits)
Lao Gan Ma: The Story of China’s Most Spicy Godmother Tao Huabi: “She is China’s ‘Old Godmother’: Tao Huabi is the creator of one of China’s most famous chili sauces and is the embodiment of the ‘Chinese dream.’ By following her own path and relying on her business instinct, Tao rose from poverty and became a multi-billionaire”. (What’s on Weibo)
How to Make a Big Decision: When you face a complex decision that requires a long period of deliberation, a decision whose consequences might last for years or even decades, you might have a need to see the current situation from new perspectives, to imagine new possibilities, to weigh your options with more sophistication. The article shares tools, hacks, and nudges to help you make these decisions. (The New York Times)
Image Source: The New York Times: How to Make a Big Decision
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