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Resources on Global Markets

By Prasoon Raghuwanshi | Sat Jun 24 2017
In the following post, we bring your attention to some key players in the global markets as well as insightful commentaries that are helpful in learning about global supply chains. Below are four articles that we’ve found helpful to better understand global markets:
  • Interview with Steve Schwarzman: Steve Schwarzman is the Blackstone co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer. In this interview, he shares his learnings from decades of investing in private equity deals across the global markets. Blackstone has $368 billion assets under management and is a major private equity fund in global markets.
  • Daniel Schwartz, a 36-year old who turned around the global fast-foot chain Burger King by understanding the operations of the business from cooking burgers and cleaning toilets at a Burger King restaurant in Miami, Florida and by simply walking around. Learn more about his incredible story in his public profile.
  • As Ethiopia becomes increasingly integrated into global supply chains, an executive should understand the global economy in an effective way. Avondale Asset Management posts frequent commentaries by global CEOs and CFOs and finds out their views on the global economy. You can subscribe to Avondale's commentaries here.
  • The Internet is changing the world and is slowly evolving into a utility like power, water and other services. These changes are shaping economies and businesses across the globe.  Mary Meeker's report on Internet Trends 2017 highlights this important resources trend. Mary Meeker is a partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
Source: Terem Technologies
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