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September Resource Blog

By Prasoon Raghuwanshi | Wed Aug 28 2019
Our September Resource Blog takes a look at our favorite articles from this past month. Read through the below to learn more about venture capital, selling family businesses and the story of See’s Candies (one of Warren Buffet’s early investments).
  • The History and Future of Venture Capital Investing: Are you curious how venture capital has evolved into a backer of some of the common brands that we use or depend on? This article takes you through the history of the industry. Throughout the article, the author tries to answer if venture capital (VC) is a good investment and whether VC investors can expect the same returns as in the past. (Laurence Siegel)
  • What’s Left After a Family Business Is Sold?: After so much attention to running things, little thought goes into what comes next after a family business is sold. This article describes stories from multiple families who sold their business and then went on to do many things, including managing money by investing in other businesses. (New York Times)
  • The Full See’s Candies Story: People & Product: The story of See's Candies. See's was one of the early investments made by Warren Buffett. “Buying See’s Candies was not only a good investment for us, it was a positive learning experience. We discovered that we had purchased a company that held itself to a high standard of business ethics – product quality, service integrity, and the right sort of relationships with employees and suppliers. See’s Candies became our model for investment in other quality companies… [See’s was] a company that taught us early a vital lesson about the way to do business.” – Warren Buffett. (Intelligent Fanatics)
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