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White Paper: Current State of Ethiopia’s Angel Investing Landscape 

By Tsegamlak Solomon | Mon May 02 2022
As a legal professional supporting RENEW’s investment practice in Ethiopia for five years now, I keep a close pulse on commercial, tax and economic related regulations that impact private equity investors including angel investors. I recently prepared a white paper to help you understand the opportunities that are on the horizon for local and foreign angel investors and the crucial work that must be undertaken by my government to increase the attractiveness of early-stage investing and the startup ecosystem in Ethiopia in the years to come. 
I am hopeful that the Homegrown Economic Reform, the Digital Transformation Strategy, the Capital Markets Proclamation, and the draft Startup Proclamation will help set the stage for increased economic prosperity for Ethiopians and support for the private sector, but much work must still be done to ensure the legal frameworks are effectively implemented in support of an optimal environment for startups, angel investors and the private sector in general.  
As the famous quote by Walter Wriston says, “Capital goes where it is welcome and stays where it is well treated.” As I see it, the Ethiopian government has an important opportunity to ensure that more angel capital flows to Ethiopian startups through the following efforts:
  1. Coordinating the enactment of subordinate legislations 
  2. Broadening the label “startup”  
  3. Building a strong institutional backing 
  4. Providing a waiver for the sector restriction for angels 
  5. Easing the work permit and residence ID acquisition process
  6. Reducing regulatory burdens 
To read more about my recommendations, download the white paper: LINK
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